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Reset with Intention

There is #NoShame in how you choose to restore yourself after a long week. As humans, we are replenished by #Connection to ourselves and others

For me, it took a series of traumatic events to stop and take a hard look at my habits. I had to be honest with myself that my ok wasn’t ok. All my ways of connecting were actually disconnecting. 

Drinking wasn’t strengthening my friendships – it was increasing my anxiety and crashes into depression. Being busy was my way to feel in control while avoiding all of my chaos. And working out was beating myself up to keep this adrenaline rush going. I loved all of these habits – they had become my identity – my way of fitting in – my mask covering my vulnerability in stillness and truth.

I now choose to check in and acknowledge my mental health. My reset is whatever reconnects my mind and body each day. I am no longer numbing. I am working to be present with the positive and the difficult. And none of it is easy. Yet deep down I know this transformation is worth it. And I’ll continue over here doing this work forever – because like yoga, life is a practice. 

My challenge to you, no matter how you choose to unwind, understand your why. If you realize your reset doesn’t truly replenish YOU, acknowledge that and try a different path. Connect with yourself. This leads to where you belong rather than to where you fit in (aka blend in.)

💛Are you authentically connected to your choices? 

⚡️What motivates your go-to resets? 

☀️Are you restored or further depleted?

🤝Are your connections to yourself and others deeper or superficially checked off the list? 

⭐️Are you escaping reality or creating space for a clearer perspective? 

💫Is your choice (or shame) attached to a belief that needs to be let go? 

Let’s start a conversation around #MentalHealth, #SocialDrinking, Yoga for #HealthNotHype. Intentional choices are healthy choices. 

If having a few drinks while reconnecting with friends, replenishes your spirit after a week of faceless internet meetings, that’s a healthy choice. 

If you show up for yoga because #YogaEveryDamnDay with the mindset of check it off the list- look what I can do. That’s not a healthy choice. 

If you finish a bottle of wine at night to forget your stress, to numb your pain, and help you to pass out, that’s not a healthy choice. 

If you skip your morning group run to lay in bed and daydream because you haven’t had a minute to yourself and you need to breathe, that’s a healthy choice. 

Expand your mind- think about any indulgences and all of your beliefs of what’s “good for you.” Choose to use YOUR intuition. Make Intentional choices. Be present. And #LiveUnprocessed.

No matter what works for you today- there’s always opportunity to #Reflect from your mat. Come connect and practice. Check out my classes & events page for current classes in Rockford, MI.

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