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A Little About Me….

I started practicing yoga in college at CMU about 15 years ago. I have always struggled with anxiety, insomnia, and imposter syndrome. I remember at the end of my very first yoga class, even as an avid runner and exercise class fanatic, I laid down on my mat for savasana, had a few thoughts about how laying in a room full of people should seem very awkward, and yet I felt completely at peace. My mind felt clear and the next thing I knew, I was waking up….I had fully fallen asleep- in a room full of strangers, at a 7am class before a packed day of classes and work and lots to stress about. For the rest of the day, and every time I’ve practiced since, I’ve experienced some kind of unexplainable magic that keeps my day lined with a positive energy, a open mind, and a more relaxed body.

I’ve been in the fitness industry as a personal trainer, corrective exercise specialist, and nutrition consultant since 2007. I began to explore holistic health after experiencing some health concerns with no sensible diagnosis. I certified as a natural food chef in Boulder, CO in 2012 and started my business, Live Unprocessed with the mission to empower people to live a healthy life without the fads- eating, moving, and thinking by tapping into intuition and knowledge.

After losing my father to suicide in 2015, my life spun out of control and again, I found myself unconsciously tuning into my yoga practice. Through the chaos my mind and body were experiencing, I tapped into my breath to help me survive.

Six months later, I decided to pursue a yoga teacher training apprenticeship with my then favorite teacher. I didn’t want to teach- I only wanted to deeper tap into the magic I experienced with yoga to help myself heal. During my training, I experienced the miscarriage of my first child. I was in pain, and I found lbreath and movement as a way to connect with myself through a time when I wanted to disappear.

As I began teaching to fulfill my requirements of the program, I realized I could feel the same magic, the same enlightenment, when I offered a practice to others as I did when I practiced on my mat for me. I opened my mind to teaching, and have continued to grow in my knowledge, my experience, and my love for the practice, myself, and guiding others to find that same magic within themselves.

I’ve been teaching yoga to all levels for the last 5 years, though I’ve worked one on one and teaching various other group exercise classes for the last 13 years. My style is mainly vinyasa, though I’m trained in Ashtanga, restorative, rehabilitation, yin, and have explored workshops in many other areas. I tend to offer a more flowy style as I enjoy the focus on connecting movement with each breath. I do enjoy tying in concepts of mindfulness, Breathwork, nutrition, muscle activation, and functional movement into my yoga practice.

I am a very proud mama to the most adorable toddler, Isaiah (who turns two this Saturday!). My husband, Ryan, is the fitness manager at MVP in Rockford and has always been supportive of all my adventures. We met as personal trainers in 2008 and share a passion for our health and improving the health of others. We love being outside, traveling, enjoying the sunshine, and exploring farmers markets 😉 I have an irrational fear of large birds and bugs and still have found the courage to enjoy all things nature with my little explorer. 

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