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All classes are currently located at Rockford Dance Company unless otherwise indicated.

Saturday March 14 & Saturday March 21 will be held at THOUGHT DESIGN in Downtown Rockford (next to the Paper Doll).

Below are all the details you need:

Address: 10580 Northland Drive, Rockford MI 49341

Parking: All spaces in front of the studio and across the parking lot at Xpress Clips are open on Saturday mornings, as Xpress Clips is not open for business.

Overflow parking is available in the dirt lot in front of Karla Von Ceramics (adjacent to the studio) until 9:45am on Saturdays.

*When Xpress Clips and Karla Von Ceramics are open for business, please avoid parking in their spaces. This is currently not an issue with our schedule; however, we will make a note in the future if schedules overlap.

Contact Phone Number: Shannon, 586-524-8236

Contact Email:

Printable New Student Waiver (also available on site). Must be filled out prior to attending first class.

Please bring a mat with you for class. We do have a few extras onsite to borrow. If you know you’ll need a mat, feel free to send us a note prior to class so we ensure we have one available for you.

Props available to use onsite, which may also be integrated into class plans: Bricks, Straps, Blankets, Bolsters

If you’d like to purchase a Manduka Mat or props for personal use, please let us know, as we will have a limited stock of retail available.

All Class Registration details are available on the Classes/Events page. Drop in’s are welcome ~ so don’t hesitate to show up. Please let us know if you have questions or contact us if you aren’t sure if a class is available.

Rockford Dance Company was founded in 2019 by my friend, Lindsey Simmons. We met at CMU in 2004. We had mutual friends, who happened to be on the dance team with Lindsey. When we’d all hang out together, we’d often get asked, “So you are all on the dance team?” Lindsey would respond, in a very concerned tone, “Well, Shan got cut,” leading to an awkward and sympathetic apology from who ever wished they hadn’t asked 🤦🏻‍♀️😂 The truth is- no I never tried out for the dance team…and I still move in a way I consider “freestyle” or “un-choreographed.” It’s always been very entertaining how Lindsey and my opposite characteristics and dynamic personalities play so well off each other. Lindsey grew up in Rockford and after college, Lindsey returned here and I accepted an internship nearby. We’ve continued to grow closer and have become family. When she opened her studio, she asked if I wanted to be a part of this fresh start. I’m grateful for her, her beautiful creation center, and the opportunity to share the positive vibes with all of you.

Shannon & Lindsey at Rockford Dance Company ribbon cutting, August 2019.