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IMG_1073Live Unprocessed offers a variety of services to assist in transitioning and improving health and lifestyle through eating whole foods.  All services offer culinary techniques and tricks, as well as expansive knowledge on the foods you’re eating – from nutrient density to preparation and storage.  With Live Unprocessed, eliminate the need to be a mathematician or a food scientist, and empower yourself to know your food and make the best choices for your health.  

**Please note: Live Unprocessed is not a registered dietitian and operates strictly as a therapeutic chef.  


A 6-week whole foods based program to begin your transformation

  • For those who want to start by taking a step forward into a whole foods lifestyle.  
  • A basic program to guide you into your whole foods journey. 
  • Includes weekly meal plans, recipes, and shopping lists.


A 12-week whole foods based program to jump start your lifestyle transformation

  • For those ready to commit to a new, unprocessed
  • Provides insight, knowledge, guidance, support, techniques, and a new perspective on our food, our bodies, and our mindset
  • Includes weekly meal plans, recipes, and shopping lists.   

Custom One-on-One Program Options Available  (pricing varies based on program

Work with Live Unprocessed, one on one, to develop meal planning options that work for you and your lifestyle, meeting your needs from where you are today, and enhancing your health through goal setting and step-by-step programming.  Options include:

  • Initial consultation
  • Pantry assessment and clean out 
  • Assessment of lifestyle meal planning needs
  • Customized programming for specific health concerns 
  • Personal Chef services 
  • In-kitchen meal prep assistance to learn new techniques & tricks
  • Ingredients sourcing assistance; grocery store walk through
  • Assessment of customized needs and program timeline based on client
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