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“For breath is life, and if you breathe well you will live long on earth.” ~Sanskrit Proverb

In yoga, “pranayama” or breath is considered your life force.  When you think about it, the absence of breath would mean the absence of life.  But why is it that our breath seems to go unnoticed until the moment we can’t catch it or the instant realize we’re holding onto it?

In many ways, when we stop to focus on our breath, we find the moment where we are able to calm our minds.  Dr. Wayne Dyer, a motivational speaker holds the quote, ” You cannot always control what goes on outside. But you can always control what goes on inside.”  Our breath is connected to every system of our body, to our minds, and to our life.  Appreciation of breath can be the first step into beginning to live a mindful life.

Finding the inspiration to be mindful of our surroundings and feeling gratefulness does more then give us warm fuzzies – mindfulness changes the way we live.  Each step toward slowing down, breathing, and allowing inspiration inside gives us another moment of truly taking in the fulfillment of life.  With this first step, our reactions change; our compassion grows; and our minds open.

We often feel like our days are flying by – that every minute seems to pass without notice, until soon our lives seem to have passed us by.  We cannot control the clock; we cannot control life; but we can control our breath, to observe, to feel, to appreciate, and to live.



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